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help for non profits to setup free google applications

Google offers a lot of free resources for nonprofits for absolutely no charge. Market4Good provides procedures to help you understand and make sure of these tools. Check it out.


Gmail Offers personalized email addresses like xyz@yourdomain.com for the entire organizations and businesses. Gmail comes up with helpful features to make email more useful like spam and virus filtering.

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gmail domain settings

Domain settings let the administrator set and manage the required options for the organization such as General settings like url, account information, domain name and appearance.

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Dashboard shows useful files to a user. It finds objects that are relevant to your current activity such as read mail or chatting with your friends and etc..,

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google docs

Google Docs lets you create and collaborate documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in an easy way.

You can not only organize your google Docs but you can also have multiple people view or edit. You can control who has access, whether it's just yourself, your team or your whole organization.

You can even publish docs to the world. The Google Docs web application is accessible from anywhere.

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google start page

The Start Page lets you create entirely unique and dynamic place to preview your Gmail inbox, your Google Docs and your Google Calendar. Also helps collect relevant information from your organization, and search the web. You can customize the layout and content, choosing from thousands of handy Google gadgets.

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google web pages

Google Page Creator is a free online tool that lets anyone to create, design and publish useful and attractive web pages just in minutes.

You can publish your web page with one click and the pages you create are ready for your friends, family and the whole world to see at http://your gmail.googlepages.com

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google chat

Google chat provides a free and easy way to connect with your contacts instantly with instant messaging and free voice calls to anywhere from PC-to-PC in the world. You can even exchange files with your contacts using Google Chat, with no file size restrictions.

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google calendar

Google Calendar helps individuals and whole organizations manage their valuable time .

You can not only organize your personal calendar, invite others to meetings and events but also create shared calendars, so that multiple people can view or edit. It is possible for you to control who has access, whether it's just yourself, your team or your whole organization.

You can even make events public to the world. The Google Calendar is accessible from anywhere.

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google sites

Google Sites is an easy way to make information accessible to people who need quick and up-to-date access.

A group of people can work together on a site add files and attachments and collect information from other google

applications like Google Docs, Google Calendar etc..,).You may always control who has access whether it's just you or your team or whole organization.

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create new gmail user accounts

User Accounts lets the administrator manage user accounts by creating new users, uploading many users at once, create and email addresses and create email list.

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