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Market4Good, a service of ClickforHelp.com is proud to be a co-sponsor of a unconference style bar camp.
Washington DC on March 1, 2008
New Media and Public Service Messaging
Washington DC on February 20, 2008.

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10 low cost new media ideas for nonprofits. 

Web Porfolio of ClickforHelp/Market4Good

Raising Read-Write Kids: A lesson on media impact from my 2 year old.

Impact of Engagement: Traditional and Interactive PSAs

Market4Good Cosponsors E-Democracy.org Bar Camp

Evolution of the PSA

Story of "There once was a Webmaster"


"Our new system [from ClickforHelp] has more features than the competition’s and was a fraction of the cost."
William P. Goodwill 
CEO, Goodwill Communications

"ClickForHelp offered their expert services created a website that effectively and delicately communicates the mission of our non-profit organization..."
Nita Umashankar
Co-Founder, ASSET India Foundation


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