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How to create user accounts and settings for a non-profit organization

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Create New Gmail User Accounts

Administrator can create and manage user accounts/settings.
In order to do so, administrator need to login with the adminstrator login creditials .
If you already have an account please copy and paste the following url replaced with your organization name.
Click here to create an account with the help of this manual.
  • By clicking on User Account tab, Admin can manage user accounts and also user settings.
  • By default, users tab will be opened which displays the list of users that belong to that domain. It has the following links:
    1. Create a new user
    2. Upload many users at once
    3. Email addresses
    4. Create Email List
  • Screen looks like following:
1. Create New User:
    • To create a new user account, click on the Create a new user link.
    • Screen looks like:
  • You have to enter the first name, last name and username of the new user.
  • User password will be generated automatically for that user
  • If admin wants to set the password manually, click on the Set password link and enter the new password and confirm password.
  • Then click on the Create user button which in turn creates a new user account.
  • And you can go back to user accounts by clicking on user accounts tab from top main menu or back to user list link.
2. Upload Many Users at Once
  • If the administrator wants to create multiple accounts at once, click on create multiple users.
  • The administrator must first create a CSV file detailing the new users prior to using this selection.
  • The format shown in the following screen.
  • The format consists of Username, first name, last name and password.
  • Choose one of the following update options:
  • Create new account is checked if admin wants to create a new account for usernames that do not exist.
  • Update the existing account is checked if admin wants to update the existing account with new name and password
  • Require a password change is checked when new or updated users sign in.
  • Then browse the CSV file and click on the Upload and Continue button which creates multiple users.
3. Email Address:

When clicked on the Email Address link, displays all the Email addresses of the users under that domain.
Top Main menu can be used for navigation (by clicking on user accounts tab).
Following figure shows the list of email addresses.


General tab displays the email settings of the users such as the web address where the users can check their emails, email activation and disable service.
The screen looks like:

4. Request More user:
  • Admin can create 100 free user accounts per domain.
  • Request More user link is used to create additional users accounts.
  • Screen looks as follows:
  • Enter the number of additional user accounts to be created
  • Enter the reason for creating additional user accounts for that domain in the given text area and click on the Saves Changes button.
5. User Account Setting:

Select settings in User Accounts.

  • Enable contact sharing option is selected if admin wants to share the contact details among the user.
  • Other wise admin can disable the contact sharing option. See the below image.

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