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Google Docs


In order to access Google docs , one should have an account. If you already have an account please copy and paste the following url replaced with your organization name.

Click here to create an account with the help of this manual.
Below is the screen after logging into the Google doc’s account. Google docs have an option to create a documentation file, powerpoint presentation and excel file. Creating Documentation file through Google Doc’s option.

Google documentation has the following options in the main page:

  1. New
  2. Upload
  3. Share
  4. Hide
  5. Delete
  6. Rename
  7. More actions
    • To create a new documentation file, click on the New tab control and then select the Docs option.
    • A new popup window is opened with the name Untitled doc.
    • Below is the screen shot of new blank document.
    • After editing the document, click on the save button to save the document or click on the Save & Close button to save and close the document.
  • If you want to share this document with others, just click on the share button and select the share with other option.
  • Below is the screen shot of share this document


User can share this document in two ways:

  1. As collaborators
  2. As viewers

Collaborators may edit the document and invite more people.
Viewers may see the document but cannot edit it.
Collaborators option is selected when the user wants t o share the file as collaborator.
Viewers option is selected when the user wants to share the file as viewer.
After selecting the option user needs to enter comma(,) separated email addresses or can choose from contacts and click on Invite Collaborators button.

Advanced sharing permissions:
  • Collaborators may invite others option is checked when the owner can only change the file. (Owner is the one who can edit, delete or remove access for collaborators and viewers)
  • Invitations may be used by anyone option is checked to allow mailing lists.
If user wants to upload doc file, click on the upload in the main page. Below is the screen shot of upload doc file.

Browse the file to be uploaded or give the url where the document resides and enter the name you want to call the uploaded document. And click on upload file.
After uploading the file, you can move the file to any of the selected folders by selecting move to option.


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