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Get to know the audience
before you jump in

Getting to know the audience

We use a variety of methods to do the research and get not just data but insight into your market. Surveys, polls, focus groups and conversations. Its not just the data - its what you do with it.



Talk in language which interests your audience ,
New media campaigns must connect to individual concerns.

It’s the start of a conversation

The key difference between traditional marketing and new media marketing is that its not about broadcasting a message, its about engaging people in conversation. M4g knows how to get the conversation started, and keep it going. We reach out to existing social networks and build features into your existing (or new) website to engage people who care about your cause and your message.



Widgets and websites
need to connect with people

Widgets and Websites

The tools are relavant and important if they help to build personal relationships, and give people the opportunity to act. We work with you to come up with a range of interactive solutions  to get people really thinking about you and what you represent.



Detailed metrics and careful evaluation determine the effectiveness of your efforts.  The internet is a marketing platform and should be measured and integrated with all your marketing efforts.

Metrics and Evaluation

We identify specific engagement behaviors as well content impressions and help put a value on them.

Our capacity to combine multiple data sources into coherent reports gives you the opportunity to regularly review and evaluate new media approaches. Evaluations provide insight into potential improvements and whether your audience interests are changing.

A Vienna-Virginia company specialize  in Web 2.0 Websites and Widgets.

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